Gaming 101: Gaming Terminology … Who are the NPCs? The most prominent types of leaders!

Terms that will enable you to understand the world, the NPC’S, and leaders more easily, you will understand the type of personality and the leader with ease, welcome gentlemen in Gaming 101!

The gaming terminology has branched out a lot in the industry and complicated in a way that may be incomprehensible to new players or those interested in it from a distance, and unfortunately the matter has become mysterious to that category, it may be unimportant to us as professional players, but it is something new players aspire to know so. Let me lead you to the beginning of the road with some famous game terms with the beginning of a new series that we hope will be useful to many.

Today we’ll be looking at the somewhat difficult gaming terminology on that category, namely bosses and NPCs … what are their types? What is the meaning of their abbreviations etc. So, we are sure that you will come out of this article with a very good amount of information that will lead you to the beginning of the road, and we will start our topic today from the roots to some extent so that you can fully understand the matter (we hope so).

What is required of each character in the game?

Perhaps the most excruciating term you will hear once you engage in any open world game is the “NPC”, and you may have wondered what it is and its usefulness? All there is to it is that the NPCs are the non-sensual characters or that you cannot play with, and for example, you will naturally play a hero in any game which is what we call “the playable character” or the sane in the meaning of the correct meaning, meaning he is the one in control of everything and Corners of the story.

This character is called “Playable Character” or the abbreviation that is not really popular in fact “PC”, but because that term is very similar to the abbreviation of the word personal computer or computer in English, which is called the Personal Computer, that word is not used in a common way in the community of players, This is why you will not find yourself using it a lot, but it is a quick piece of information that we would have liked to explain so that you would be familiar with it if you heard it on a broadcast by a publisher or something like that.

Back to the people who work with artificial intelligence, which are NPCs, the origin of that term is an abbreviation of the word non-playable character, and as we mentioned they are the unconscious characters or who only do what the program asks them to do, NPCs branch out into Friendly NPCs, and the best example is a game As famous as the GTA that has multiple Friendly NPCs, they are the characters who will not try to harm you as much as possible because you are the first and last in control as we said, as the vendors and people who roam and give vitality to the world to come to life, also the Friendly NPCs include the people who own the resources that you buy and Items & Resources, etc.

The other category of NPCs is the Aggressive NPCs, they are the aggressive characters that try to cause you difficulties at any time and at any example such as scolding you or trying to kill you and shedding your blood at any cost, and this is as soon as this character discovers the intelligence of the Playable Character in front of its limited field of vision, No matter how intelligent it is, it is still limited and acts as a catalyst for you to complete the game, such as the Souls and Bloodborne games, for example, in which the NPCs challenge you.

And since we’re talking about the limited intelligence attached to that character, did you know that you sometimes have the full power to turn Aggressive NPCs into Friendly NPCs (and vice versa)? If you are a newcomer, you may have tried a popular game like Bioshock, with which you can hack some robots from A to Z to make them work for you and thus change the course of things.

The reverse process here is to intentionally make Friendly NPCs for Aggressive NPCs, in GTA for example the least thing you can do is shoot strangers or Friendly NPCs so that the police officer turns from a mere friend or an innocuous person into someone trying to get you behind bars. The cases differ according to the artificial intelligence of course, and from here we touch on the vast term Enemies, in which we will focus today on the first category in which it is the leaders …!

Categories of Enemies!

Natural Enemies (Minion, Regular Enemies, etc.)

The branches will not stop here, but these terms are like a tree, and let’s start with the first stage of the Enemies, which are the Natural Enemies or the Minions (as they are called in League Of Legends) or name them as you like, because that category does not have a specific rule for the name , Which are the characters that try to scold you for the main goal of the game or your main mission, just simple obstacles to make the game experience lively and action (unless you want to go the bumpy road like making the game at a high level of difficulty).

Normally, these characters do not pose a complete danger to your character as Playable Character, but sometimes they can pose a death line for your hero when you escape from prison, for example, or do something extremely dangerous.

As for the natural or regular enemy, it is a character within whom there are motives that make you repeat the battle again and again, when you finish it, it will not be considered a glorious end for you, but it puts you on the line from the beginning of the engagement with him to explain to you the mechanics that you may face in much fiercer stages, which moves us to the next category.

Little Boss

The battle with this object (the boss in general) is like free wrestling, you are in front of literally great abilities and infinite strength, you will notice that little when you meet the first Mini Boss in the game, and the abilities of this character are usually derived from the ordinary enemy, but in a larger and more enhanced way.

“You can say that the Mini Boss is the enemy in the middle, much stronger than the regular enemy and weaker at the same time than the normal Boss or the Final Boss (don’t worry about incomprehensible terms we will understand them together, just continue the article).”

Adds leader’s class

This term is not used between “novice gamers” and “natural gamers” or not obsessed, but all there is to it is that it helps the Enemies to make the process of scolding you more difficult, and to be honest that this enemy as soon as he comes to the battlefield with his friends, he will put you in A great burden to defeat him alongside the normal enemies, but this thing is necessary to diversify your playing style and push you continuously to upgrade your character and accordingly, you will find these types more popular in RPG games.

Recurring Enemy

Have you followed the Resident Evil 3 Remake game with “Nemesis” appearing periodically and repeatedly? This category of enemies exploits their emergence in horror games continuously, so they basically spread terror inside you so that they hinder you from completing your mission and appear periodically and differently each time, and this is why its name is Recurring, meaning recurring or periodic, usually not difficult, but his presence imposes its brutality.

Final Boss class

The last enemy, the character around which the story revolves at one angle or another, is not the fiercest at times, but if we talk about a very linear game like Legacy Of Kain or Final Fantasy 7 Remake, it is the most powerful enemy you may have while killing legions of enemies, sometimes it can Basically it is Recurring Enemy or Foozle (the term Foozle is called the completely uninventional Final Boss that appears frequently in superhero games), but basically it is the strongest unless the game takes over Super Boss as the Souls games.

Super Boss class

Regardless of the type of game, it is considered the most difficult category without discussion, and you can enter a battle with him “voluntarily” and if your luck is miserable as a lot and you met him, escaping is the best solution because you will lose most of your resources on this enemy and you will have to build yourself from New in order to fit the major and basic mission, the goal of its presence is purely provocative because the developer knows that the players love the challenge in general, but we warn you not to think about entering into a conflict with that category unless you are well prepared or you are an opportunist who wants to get the Platinum Trophy, so we cannot say anything other than you are obligated to kill him.

We hope that we have communicated the information in one way or another and that you have benefited from the article. You may see that all this information is a lot for you at the beginning, but with time you will deal with the matter with utmost ease, see you in the next round of “Gaming 101”.

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