Why Should You Try Mobile Legends?

There are games that were able to succeed when they were transferred to smartphones thanks to their nature, games that succeeded because they were originally designed in a way that makes them easy to deal with on smartphones, for example we have battle royale games that are all considered successful on smartphones.

Battle royale games do not need strong hardware because the pattern is very stable. You play on one map, for example, or two, with some modes and modes of play, with the same cinematic scenes each time. Even controlling these games is very smooth and simple compared to, for example, strategic games from RTS type in which you need accurate and fast control of the soldiers.

Likewise, MOBA games, these games managed to be very successful when they broke into the world of smartphones, and were able to provide a very enjoyable experience similar to the experience you get on the PC.

MOBA games also offer a map or several maps and the same pattern is repeated, which makes the development process easier and simpler and does not require powerful hardware, and saves the developer time, effort and money to focus on more important things such as supporting the game and updating it continuously and providing continuous activities.

As for control, there is nothing wrong with it, as you feel that MOBA games were originally made to be on smartphones, and by the way, this opinion we were totally against until we tried MOBA games on the phone, specifically Mobile Legends Bang Bang.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang changes our perception

Mobile legends

MOBA games have a special place for us. If you read us, you probably know that we adore strategy games, and MOBA games originated from the womb of strategic games. MOBA mixed strategies and tactics with a fast style of play based on observation and momentary response to the situation.

Therefore, we love MOBA games and have been playing them since their inception on the PC, and when we started seeing MOBA games break into the world of smart phones, we completely rejected the idea.

We were adamant that MOBA games needed hardware capable of running the game at a high frame rate, along with a mouse to precisely control the movement of the hero you are playing with.

Literally in MOBA matches, one wrong move could be enough to lose the whole match. You need very precise control over the places where you move your character, as well as directing skills and blows correctly.

But after we tried Mobile Legends, our idea started to change very much. The game was running smoothly even though we were trying it on a mid-range phone.

As for the control, it was smooth and simple, you move where you need it without any distortion, which made us feel that MOBA games have a second place in smartphones, and not, for example, home gaming platforms.

All this experience offered by the Mobile Legends Bang Bang game has maintained the high competitiveness found in MOBA matches, and competitiveness here is very important because MOBA games depend in their experience on the state of competition that they create between players, so you are here playing a match for the sake of winning, not for the sake of relaxation.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang Is An Original Game

Mobile legends

A MOBA is an idea or a style of electronic games and not a specific game, we can say RTS games, Battle Royale games, simulation games, or MOBA games.

That is, we are facing a game mode and the existence of a game like Mobile Legends does not mean at all that the game is not original, and this is the beauty of the game, because when it was released, Mobile Legends presented itself in a distinctive, unique and different way from other MOBA games.

The game has its own distinctive and original characters, and all the details in the game are original. We are here in front of FIFA and PES. We cannot say that one game is original and the other is not.

We say this because many might expect the game to be a clone of other popular MOBA games on smartphones, but the Mobile Legends experience is really original and different.

And here comes the surprise that this game was released for the first time in 2016, that is, before all the existing MOBA games, here we are talking about an original game that is even more original than games that have copies on PC from 11 years ago!

Therefore, Mobile Legends should be treated as a single game, and we should not compare it to another game we play, as this game does not copy games, but rather has its own unique identity and original experience.

Esports is an integral part of MOBA games

There is no successful MOBA game that did not break into the world of electronic sports, and a successful game like Mobile Legends had a major role in the electronic sports scene, because the game has a huge World Cup that includes many teams from all over the world, and these teams reach the World Cup after being crowned and going through the qualifiers regional.

All of this makes Mobile Legends an excellent experience

Mobile legends

Mobile Legends includes many elements that make it an ideal MOBA experience and an excellent mobile game. If you haven’t tried the game yet and decided to download it, you will get a solid technical experience for the game that has been developing and updating since 2016.

Gameplay and control will make you feel a big shift in mobile games even compared to famous battle royale games or MOBA games of the same category. We add to all this an original gaming experience with more than 110 original playable characters, and of course each character has its own style and way of playing.

So, we highly recommend trying the game, because the game will transform your phone from just a way to play light games to pass the time into gaming gear, this game is a time killer and will attract you a lot to it and you will find yourself dedicating to it gaming sessions at home and not just light games to pass the time in public transportation or during business hours. wait.

About the game Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends is a team MOBA game developed and published by the Moonton team and released on Android and iOS mobile phones in 2016.

The game is also known as Mobile Legends Bang Bang and is abbreviated as ML or MLBB, and the game is very interested in the esports scene as it organizes local tournaments in many countries and territories as well as organizes the World Championship that brings together the winners of regional tournaments.

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