Marvel’s Midnight Suns Review

Super heroes’ games have always had a specific theme, as they are fast games that depend on action and compulsions with a story that revolves in the world of heroes, but this time Marvel and the Firaxis Games team go out of the ordinary and offer us super heroes’ game but it is a strategy of the quality of tactical games entitled Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

Yes, Marvel’s Midnight Suns is a tactical strategy game for Marvel Super Champions. We come from the development of the Firaxis Games team, which is a very long experience development team in the tactical games, as it is the team that presented us with the very famous Xcom game, but it is not an expert in action games.

On the other hand, we have the best company to provide action, but we do not trust its capabilities in providing a tactical game, and here the image becomes clear, we are in front of the crossroads. In any case, we have experienced and reviewed the game Marvel’s Midnight Sun and we can now answer this question.

The story of Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Of course, we cannot talk about a game for Marv without having a big and branching story, and the game story here revolves around the return of Lile, Mother of Demons for life again after a long stability, helped by this criminal organization called The Hydra and is now seeking to control the world.

Without any burning of events, the world of the game includes a large group of superheroes and thus these heroes will face Lily, Mother of Demons, but after simple confrontations they discovered that it is more difficult than it seems.

The heroes of our world used magic and awakened Hunter, a character who was originally a son/daughter of LILTH, Mother of Demons. It is assumed that Hunter’s character will have the ability to face LILTH.

We have our own hero

The game offers a completely new hero, Hunter, and by the way Hunter is a character that can be designed whatever you want, it can be a male or a female as you can control his features as you wanted and customized.

Also, Hunter has its own skills and style of fighting, and the important thing about all this is that the character was drawn and written carefully to feel that she is a person from a Marvel’s already films.

During the missions, you will find many tasks that HUNTER requires the presence of Hunter and some do not require this matter, but in fact after playing for hours this character we have taken on any mission, we started to feel that Hunter is our character and the rest of the heroes are friends, so it cannot be dealt with Hunter as just a character It is playable, but it is the heroine of the game and the events all revolve around it.

Many heroes in Marvel’s Midnight Suns

The game includes a very large number of characters, some of them from the famous Marvel world such as Spiderman, Dr. Strang, Iron Man, Captain Marvel, along with a large number of X-MEN characters such as vampire hunter, Niko, Just Ryder II, Magic.

All of these characters gather in one area, The Abbey, which is the place we can call the stronghold of our heroes, the place where almost half of the game’s activities take place.

The Abbey is a complete camp for heroes where they live, and from there the missions of our heroes start, and most importantly, in this region our heroine begins to get to know the rest of the characters.

With a return to the Hunter character, we noticed something, which is that we deal with the character as a female and this is because the character is written very carefully and when we designed it and drew it in our imagination we have been proven in this way, we cannot accept another Hunter and we cannot imagine a person who designed Hunter as a male Evidence of the depth of the details of the character that made us associate with her even though she is a character imitating roles, so we will talk about Hunter as if she is a female until the end of the review.

Is the story good?

In fact, we can say yes. After all that we mentioned, it is clear that the story was an important part during the process of developing the game, we have a majorly written personality and enjoyable events with the super Marville heroes.

But here it is necessary to note that it is a notification directed to fans of tactical games that most of the time bears a very serious story. Here we are talking about a game for Marvel and do not expect a serious scenario.

The scenario of the story has many jokes, and of course it is not without the in -no -scientific speech that is meaningless.

These sentences will find it here and there are meaningless camels like all Marvel films, so if you want to focus on the tactical experience only, this will not happen in this game and must be exposed to its wonderful story, but it is light and simple at the same time.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns activities

Most tactical games offer a story in the form of cinematic scenes and between every long scene and scene that you play, but here it is completely different in Marvel’s Midnight Sun.

This game is tons of content and activities and feels that the development team has included all the activities in the game industry here.

First, the game includes two perspectives of the camera, a special perspective of the battles, which we will talk about later and a special perspective in The Abbey, and here the game provides a third person’s perspective.

Yes, the perspective of a third person is what you get in areas of the game where you move with arrows and interact with the world around you like any of this type such as GTA V for example.

When you are in this area, you will find many activities inside the game, we will try to mention some of them, but we’re sure that we will not be able to mention it all and when we will open the game again, we will find other activities we forgot.

The most important of these activities are friction and interaction with the rest of the heroes at home, where you can form relationships and friendships with them through the dialogue texts that you choose, or even you can perform some of their tasks, help them, or accommodate them and spend time.

By the way, the game contains a friendship system whenever you speak with a gentle or thoughtful personality, draw with him, or even perform the tasks of the game, the higher the level of friendship, which positively affects the prizes that you get inside the game.

Also, you can modify and develop your room, you will start the game with a relatively poor room, but over time you can add a lot of furniture, and of course you can open the new clothes for our Hunter because Hunter should be on the latest fashion.

You can train with one of the characters to increase the level of friendship or get prizes inside the game, or you can develop the cards you own and update, or even use the task prizes to get completely new cards that you add to your group, or even you can use a tool that we do not understand yet but you go to Captain Marvel and puts one of the characters in a machine and this character becomes unplayed for example for a day and then returns to get a prize.

And between all these matters, you can tour the game world and collect the prizes and currencies here and there, or enter the background and try to identify the Hunter past and its eraser memory.

We were sure that we would forget one of the activities, as these lines write it now after we finished the review, there is a social media platform in the game and although the posts on this platform are sinful and if we return the game, it will be published in the same style, but it was very enjoyable and satirical in a way big.

Fighting at Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Let’s come to important matters, in the end it is a tactical strategy game and we play it because of the battles in it, and in fact the fighting and battles in the game comes with a very unique idea.

In every task you can go with only 3 characters you choose and sometimes the task imposes on you the characters you use, and of course each character has its own skills.

What is new here is that the game merges tactical gameplay with the cards system in famous games like Hearthstone, yes you have cards or cards and every card can perform a certain blow, even a certain skill or Buff for one of the characters.

And here you should use cards that you have in the best possible way so that you can kill the enemy and end the task in the lowest number of roles.

How do we play cards?

In each role you can play only 3 cards, but there are some cards that have a special ability, you can play it regardless of the 3 cards that you can play and they know Quick cards but generally you have 3 cards in each role.

The cards themselves are not one. There are cards that you can play immediately and their effect will occur and at the same time restore points, and these points can be used to call another card that you need these points.

To simplify the matter, you, for example, you can play a regular attack card that causes 12 damage to the opponent and provides you with two points, and then you play another card that needs two points and 35 damage to the opponent occurs.

Also, in each role you can replace two cards in your hand if the cards you own are incompatible with your gameplay.

You also have one movement of one personality on each map in each role, that is, in every role you can move one hero anywhere on the map and by the way these steps may be very important.

Interacting with the fighting environment

As we mentioned the purpose of fighting is to get rid of enemies in the lowest number of roles and this means killing the largest number of enemies in each role, so we will return to the points that we collect from some types of points where these points can be used to perform some fatal movements on the map using elements of the environment, such as the bombing of gas cylinders or throwing a box on an enemy.

This reaction is very important and pivotal in the fighting, especially since the enemies in the game are in very large numbers compared to the limited movements that you play in each role, as well as between every role and role comes more support for the enemies.

But at the same time, this reaction is not the best. In many similar tactical games, the interaction with the environment was better and more important. For example, you cannot take a specific cover on the map or the strength of the strikes that are not affected by the position of the personality or the place of the enemy.

Learn cards

In most types of cards, the biggest problem is to learn cards and their roles because they are usually many cards and each card has a specific function.

Here it is very different because each character has only 8 cards and most cards can be easily understood, which makes the player try any character in the stage of the game.

This matter happened to us. After a long period of play, we experienced the Magic character in a mission and found that the cards are understood only to know the capabilities of the card with a quick reading to understand it, which makes it very fun and you can move between the characters freely.

Especially since the game raises the level of all characters automatically to match the task you want to play, but the characters that they already play can acquire higher levels of the same frequent fighting.

Also, in the event that one of the characters injured in the battle, you will need a number of days to rest. During these days, you cannot use it in new missions, to mention the tasks. When you return from the task, you will find that you cannot choose a new task, but you must sleep first.

Here the game is trying to force the player indirectly to do the aforementioned activities because after returning from the tasks, you can walk around the Abbey and do activities and as a novice player you will think that this is necessary until you realize that you can go beyond all this and go to the room and sleep to take a new task in the morning.

Currencies in Marvel’s Midnight Suns

The game includes tons of currencies, but they are all currencies that you get from the game and do not need to buy them.

This was a little tired for us and we started to neglect some things such as updating the furniture, in any case you get currencies from tasks or find them in the game world distributed, and the rule is that the currencies are in a circle also and cannot be used.

For example, the currencies that the cards road does not spend all of them on all cards, but rather devotes them to the basic personal cards that you have, because developing all cards for all heroes is not achieved.


The game offers somewhat acceptable design, it is not fairy and not poor, and here we’re talking specifically about the perspective of the third person in The Abbey. As for the design during the fighting, it is a little better, but its details are limited.

The martial cinematic scenes are excellent in the game, but they remain from the old generation. As for the strikes during the fighting, the movements are very satisfactory and their shape is very heroic.

The biggest problem in the drawings was the movement of the lips as it is so bad and it is difficult to notice it. The mouth movement is very provocative and strange and ignites as a movement of the game from 2010.

Technical performance

Here the biggest problems appear in the game, the performance is really very bad while wandering in The Abbey a lot of tire falls despite the presence of resources in the computer, but it is clear that the game consumption of the RAM is unstable.

The game also contains long and boring download screens and some are incomprehensible, for example, when you choose to start a mission that moves to a cinematic scene for the three heroes and they are heading to the mission and this scene comes after a noticeable fluctuation in performance, after that Magic begins to open a gateway to cross to the mission and when you enter The gate will show a short download screen, but this screen does not throw you to the task, but you will receive you to an area with another gate that expresses the task, and here the game will enter a very long download screen until we start the task.

Yes, all this scenario is going through before starting one task even if it is a side task that does not affect the events and passes them in 10 or 5 minutes even, we do not know what the purpose of all of this is so slow, the idea is good but it needs to be without screens download that You pass from a gate and find yourself in the mission, but in this way it was better to enter the game in the download screen after you directly choose the task in short all this time.

It is worth noting that all this experience and review took place through a hard disk and not SSD, so the work screens may improve when the game is transferred on SSD, but the loading screens are still long and boring even on a hard disk.

Experience summary and evaluation of Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is very enjoyable and has a lot of details that you will even be surprised by this review did not address complete matters such as the varied difficulty in the game.

The game undoubtedly saved this year for tactical and strategic games and it could have been a much better game if the developer focused on fighting and reduces the size of the activities in the world with performance improvements, but it is undoubtedly worth the experience.

Hawke Centre Rating

  • Play style: 9
  • Story: 8.5
  • Design: 8
  • Performance: 7
  • Play content: 8.5


  • Fun -combat style combines tactics and card games
  • Writing a wonderful and fun Hunter character
  • You can play a large number of Marvell characters
  • There are many activities inside the game
  • Fighting movements and hits are fun and exciting


  • Wholesale performance problems
  • The drawings are a little old
  • The story is light and stereotype

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