Why Should We Consider External Storage Before Purchasing A Console?

External storage units have achieved unprecedented success in the last decade, given that they are an ideal solution to increase the storage capacity on the computer or home game devices simply and easily without the need for internal modifications to the device itself or changing the basic structure, regardless of the different uses of external storage units, it has become The demand for these parts is inevitable at the present time, especially with the new generation Xbox Series S / X and PS5 consoles.

Today, we review the most important reasons that make the acquisition of external storage units on the console a necessity instead of being an additional option that is not mandatory as it was previously.

Huge gaming spaces increasing day after day

Take Ghosts of Tsushima for example, the game was a smash hit when it arrived last year, and got an upgrade for the PS5 after launching the market, unfortunately, the game has a space of 50 GB, and although it is not as big as some PS4 games it will still be a big part from storage space to sacrifice it.

This is the basic space at the present time for most AAA titles, and it becomes more difficult for specific titles that require enormous spaces to run in their events, such as Red Dead Redemption 2, which reached more than 110 GB on the console, as well as Modern Warfare and Battle Royale Warzone, both of which exceed the 170 GB barrier, which makes Storing additional games on your PS4 is nearly impossible unless you use external storage.

Limited storage for PS5 and Xbox Series S / X

With only 667GB of usable space available, your PS5 storage might have already reached full capacity, and with Sony yet to approve any NVMe SSDs expandable, that’s not exactly a great situation for those who want to switch between games. Multiple simultaneously.

The Xbox Series X also comes with 802GB of usable space thanks to the 1TB SSD, which is 135GB more than the PS5, space is acceptable on both units, but if you’re struggling to get space on your PS5 storage And you want to go back to experience some classic PS4 games that have been improved on PS5, we recommend that you buy external storage, even if you will not use it directly on the device to take advantage of the advantages of the internal storage SSD, you can use the external hard drive to store the games that you constantly touch Then transfer it to the internal storage at any time to take advantage of the advantages of the new generation.

GaaS gaming concept and maintaining your game library

The concept of games as a service has spread interestingly in the previous generation, regardless of the wrong use of that feature by launching incomplete games and then improving their performance with additional content and future updates, what we mean here is that most of the games that deal with this matter increase significantly their life cycle and last for years, such as Sea of ‚Äč‚ÄčThieves, GTA Online, and even Ghosts of Tsushima got a co-op mode sometime after launch.

All the previously mentioned titles are not comparable to the games that are based on group competitions in the first place, which may continue to try them for several years without stopping, characters we still refer every period to the Rainbow Six Siege competitions issued 6 years ago, and there are many competitive games that we do not stop trying, whether Titanfall Or Battlefield 1 or even sports games like FIFA and NBA, all of those titles you will not be able to experience depending on the limited storage space available on the console, thus, touching on external storage becomes inevitable to keep your entire game library and switch between titles you play easily and in a timely manner. Simple steps.

Of course, there are dozens of external storage units that can be used to keep your favorite games, but we chose the Seagate Expansion Portable for you specifically because of its various advantages.

The best external storage!

If you are looking for high-quality portable storage, look no further, Seagate Expansion does it all with global compatibility, mega storage capabilities, and USB 3.0 technology.

Store and play your favorite games, and take them with you on the go thanks to its compact size which makes plug and play technology easy to jump into the game, and the transfer speed of 120MB / s of, overall, is a great storage option for anyone.

Main advantages:

  • Works with PC, Mac, and console.
  • Storage capacity of 1 TB – 4 TB.
  • USB 3.0 technology
  • It comes with a plug-and-play design and has a transfer speed rating of 120MB / s

These are the most important points that you should pay attention to regarding external storage before purchasing any home gaming device, so that you do not suffer later and have to delete your favorite games in order to save space.

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