Will Sonic’s Open World Be Postponed? Sega Definitively Responds To Concerned Fans

SEGA knows the press and fans are concerned, but has no plans to postpone Sonic Frontiers.

The imminent release of Sonic Frontiers has made fans of the legendary blue hedgehog from SEGA worry a lot, who at present have not been fully convinced by the ambitious gameplay.

In fact, unlike titles such as Sonic Mania Plus (which you can get for less than 15 dollars on Amazon) or the most recent 3D productions, Sonic Team is working on an ambitious open world chapter, the first official one dedicated to the SEGA mascot.

However, the reaction from fans has been decidedly lukewarm, to be generous: after all, it’s not every day that fans ask developers to postpone a game for fear of seeing it fail.

However, the publisher does not seem to have any intention of fulfilling their requests: after having previously excluded this possibility, the publisher wanted to reiterate that it has no plans for any postponement for Sonic Frontiers.

In fact, as reported by VGC, Koichi Fukazawa and Makoto Takahashi of SEGA Sammy wanted to definitively put an end to the matter, who answered some questions at the end of the last meeting relating to fiscal results.

One of these referred precisely to the concerns raised by the community and the press and whether this could have caused a postponement of the game: the reaction of the executive vice presidents left very little room for interpretation.

The publisher’s statements therefore seem to suggest that they have not remained impassive in the face of the perplexities of the general public and that they will try to improve the game in the most critical aspects, without however postponing its launch.

The Japanese team also expects the great success achieved by Sonic 2 The Movie to help grow sales of all other dedicated video games, as happened with the first feature film.

Fans who were hoping for a possible postponement will therefore have to put their hearts at peace, unless the team suddenly changes their mind: in this regard, we remind you that we will be able to find out more from August 23, given that it will be one of the protagonists of the Opening Night Live by Gamescom.

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