5 Characteristics That Make The Xbox Series X Outperform The PS5, A Year After Its Launch

A whole year has passed since the launch of the new generation Xbox Series X and PS5, and we have already witnessed strong competition between the two platforms, perhaps each of them succeeded in ensuring success in one aspect, either in terms of games and exclusives, or in terms of technologies and features.

In this report, we will talk about 5 features in the Xbox Series X that made it superior over the course of a whole year to the new Sony PS5 despite the demands of the latter’s fans that such features come to their device, but Sony did not bring any of them, or perhaps they are not in the images that can compete with Microsoft.

Smart Delivery

This feature may not have been felt by Xbox Series X owners | S until now, and this is self-evident because the feature works smoothly in secret and provides the user with facilities that he would not have dreamed of, especially if he owns a PS5 that lacks such a wonderful feature.

Special Smart Delivery enables the user on the new Microsoft devices to access the best version of the platform he uses to play. Checking the selection between game copies and upgrades that you want to purchase so that there is no compatibility between the game and the device on which you will play the game. There are a lot of victims who fell into such a problem and the end was a huge cost to buy a specific game due to the lack of a system similar to Smart Delivery.

Quick Resume feature

We talked a lot about this special feature that exists in Xbox Series X | S makes switching between games from a stopping point smooth and fast, so if you’re playing a game on your Xbox Series X | S and you want to move to play another game, all you have to do is press and hold the main button on the joystick and move to the game you want to try, and in the same way you can return to the previous game or even open a new game in 5 seconds.

The great thing is that the device installs the games at the stopping point, and when you return to it, the game will resume from the same point, no matter how much time has passed since you left the game.

We had hoped that a feature similar to Quick Resume would be present in the PS5, and although two major updates to the device were released during its first year, they have not brought this feature yet.

Advance compatibility

It is also one of the most important characteristics that Microsoft has taken care of from the first moment to develop the Xbox Series X development plan | S, and perhaps many owners of the two devices do not realize the importance of this feature, and this is normal, as it presents them with its capabilities smoothly and without them realizing.

Xbox Series X pre-compatibility | S and previous generations made the matter of running games of the past generation and before it not only smooth, but also, they can take advantage of some of the capabilities of the new generation, such as improving performance, quality and others, and this matter was not found in the PS5, which required developers to intervene and reprogram their games in order to be compatible with the device.

This also caused some games of the past generation to not benefit from the capabilities of the new generation, on the contrary, with Xbox games that provide you with these capabilities, and this matter is still ongoing and will never change.

Xbox Game Pass

This service can be described as player-friendly by all standards. By paying 10 dollars as a monthly subscription, you will reach a huge game library that includes many large and small titles, not to mention putting your hand on Microsoft exclusives from the first day of its launch. Yes, it is a wonderful service and it seems like a fantasy, but it exists. Already on Xbox platforms.

Well, Sony said it and always says that a service like Xbox Game Pass does not match the trends of PlayStation at all, so do not dream of seeing such a service soon as a way to compete, and Microsoft and Xbox will remain unique with this service for a long time.

xCloud gaming service

The cloud service that makes you access your games everywhere and, on any device, connected to the Internet, not only that, but imagine that xCloud is linked with Xbox Game Pass!! You are now connected to a high-caliber game library and you can play on any smart device, whether mobile phone, PC, and soon smart TVs.

Yes, Sony has a cloud service, Playstation Now, but, sorry, do not compare it with the xCloud service for the simple reason that the Sony service is only on PlayStation devices and limited to PCs, while the xCloud service with Xbox Game Pass is available on all devices such as smartphones, PCs and laptops and soon smart TVs.

These five characteristics, regardless of the exclusive titles owned by PS5, which make it excel in this aspect, but their presence in the device will make the experience complete and easy for users, but we will not lose hope that they will reach or some of them will reach the device because Sony has confirmed that it has many features that it places on the device. Agenda for upcoming updates to the platform.

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