7 Games Look Better Than Ever On Switch Oled

The Japanese company, Nintendo, has released a new model of its hybrid device called Switch OLED. This model carries many improvements over the previous one, including a better OLED screen than the previous screen, better speakers, larger internal memory, and the possibility of wired connection with the base of the device. The improvements that have occurred to the device are many, although the hardware or specifications have not received an upgrade of any kind. However, the new screen alone was enough to add an extra aesthetic to many games.

Let’s start by talking a little about the new screen of the device, which is an OLED screen produced by Samsung, so what exactly is OLED? OLED technology is not new in the world of screens, but it is still relatively new and its use is still mostly limited to high-end electronic devices. OLED is a term for organic light-emitting diode, the name clearly indicating the main difference between OLED and regular screens such as the LCD screen of the original model. In the old model, the screen lighting and the colors of the pixels come from a luminous panel behind the screen and color filters, while with OLED, the technology works completely differently, and it depends on a layer of organic components capable of self-lighting, it can be thought of OLED that each pixel on the screen is Self-luminous without relying on other lighting, but what is the positive in that?

When the black color appears in the image, this turns off the pixels completely to obtain a deep black color that cannot be compared with any other type of screen, and certainly this blackness looks amazing when playing games on the device and the appearance of a game logo on a black background exactly as it was The PlayStation Vita screen was impressive all those years ago. Of course, the Switch screen has a much higher brightness level than the Vita screen, and it has a higher display resolution and two-color options (Vivid and Standard). Black levels also mean that the contrast ratio of OLED displays is infinite (the ratio between the brightness of a white and the deepest blacks on the screen).

In fact, OLED screens have many advantages other than the depth of black color and contrast, they provide a very large screen response speed and are faster than other types of screens. Most screens are marketed as operating at a response speed of 1 millisecond, but they are not capable of that. In fact, OLED screens can reach this response speed. Viewing angles in OLED screens are more than 170 degrees. Electricity consumption is less with OLED because the complete black color with the pixels off leads to reduced electrical energy consumption, and even OLED screens allow for a thinner design for the devices because they do not have a light panel behind the screen as well.

Here are 7 games that we think are more beautiful with a noticeable difference on the OLED Switch compared to the regular or lite switch with the LCD screen:

7 games look better than ever on switch oled

Metroid Dread

Metroid Dread is the game that accompanied the release of the Switch OLED and we don’t think that was in vain or by chance, the game looks amazing on the device and we think that the colors, contrast and brightness are all tuned to take advantage of the new screen features and show its aesthetics. The appearance of the red color on the screen with the black background when the game is launched for the first time creates a distinctive image, and the world looks very nice during the game, the gray and black tones in the backgrounds filled with caves carry a prominent depth that does not have the same feeling on a regular device. The contrast in the game looks strong and makes good use of the screen, the fiery areas of the game look amazing and the flame effects are very prominent. There are areas in the game that are completely dark, and through them we can see a few parts of the Samos costume, which are luminous in the dark and the effect is amazing on the OLED screen. If you are thinking of acquiring an OLED Switch, you must make sure that Metroid Dread is the first game you have on the device.

Splatoon 2

The action game Splatoon 2 was released in 2017, and since then until now it is still one of the most beautiful Nintendo Switch games with its strange creatures and bright colors. We were eager to try this game on the Switch OLED and it did not disappoint us at all. According to some technical tests on the network, the brightness of the OLED screen is about 350 nits. The colors offered by this game with strong brightness and stunning colors with the Vivid option and the amazing contrast level From an OLED screen, to a very magical and wonderful experience, Splatoon 2’s bright colors are even more amazing and aesthetically pleasing on the Switch OLED screen.


Hades is the popular auto-generated action RPG (that is, stages are created by the game software and is usually based on replaying many times instead of storing and progressing through stages) from the popular development team Supergiant and it comes from the top view, Hades owned Beautiful artistic style and it is obvious that it looks more beautiful and beautiful the better the screen used for display.

Hades definitely looks amazing on the OLED Switch. The contrast and depth in the game’s dark tones are very charming on the Switch OLED screen, and it’s one of the coolest things we’ve tried on the device, as if it was made specifically for him, next to Dredd Metroid, this is one of the most charming games that look on the device and one of the games that we really recommend trying it on.

Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight is one of our all-time favorites, and it’s a Metroidvania game that draws inspiration from titles like Castlevania and Metroid and mixes with the style of Souls games. Of course, the game has its own identity on top of that. Why does Hollow Knight look great on this device? Because the game wallpapers are dark and full of clever use of black, the game’s dark environment and hand-drawn graphics lead to an amazing result on this device thanks to the screen’s contrast capabilities. Switch OLED will undoubtedly give you an excuse to justify your ending to Hollow Knight…again!

Streets of Rage 4

We did not dream of the return of the Streets of Rage series from Sega, which gained great popularity in the nineties with the releases of the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive, but the dream became a reality and we got a very amazing game for this series, and the Switch was one of the devices that got This game. In fact, this game was one of the titles we longed to try on Switch OLED thanks to the handy graphics and strong use of dark tones, contrast, night stages and shadows, and what we can say is that the game is one of the best-looking experiences on the Switch OLED, those graphics Cartoons are absolutely stunning, and we don’t think there’s a better way to experience this unless you own a 4K OLED TV from LG. This is another game that looks like it was made specifically for this device.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Is there a game with more vivid colors than Mario Kart 8 Deluxe? We doubt it! Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is an intuitive test for the Switch OLED screen, and it is a test in which the screen succeeds in merit, especially with the brightly colored rainbow stages with the pitch-black sky in this game, there are many other stages that showcase the screen’s contrast capabilities as well and they are definitely more beautiful than it was with the original screen. This is another game that looks nicer to us with the Vivid graphic option from the device settings, yes, the colors may be a little over saturated and not quite as accurate as the Standard option but a game like Mario Kart looks more vivid with this option, a little extra fun at the expense of accuracy Excess does not hurt, does it?

Tetris Effect Connected

Tetris Effect Connected was released on the Switch after it achieved many successes on other platforms, but its release on the Switch comes as a happy coincidence with the release of the Switch OLED. A simple look at the graphic style of the game is enough to tell how great it will be on this device with its black backgrounds. There are many screens that have strong contrast, but when using the black color, there is a special magic in the OLED that results from the complete extinguishing of the pixels and lighting only some of the others, so the effect looks very stunning with the Tetris Effect game, which has many dark backgrounds. Next to Metroid Dread, Tetris Effect Connected might be the best showcase for the new screen.

Well, these were our choices, so what about you? Share with us your experiences with the device and its new screen through the comments.

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