Alan Wake Remastered

In 2010, the development team, Remedy Entertainment, presented us with the action and horror game Alan Wake on the Xbox 360, and it was one of the best exclusives of the device at the time, an action and horror story game in which we adventure with the writer with very successful novels Alan Wake in his attempt to find his wife who disappeared in Bright Falls The little one during the holiday, now, 11 years after the release of the original game, we get a remastered version that is available on various platforms, including for the first time Sony home devices, today we present to you a review of the remastered version of this classic game.

Alan Wake game is as close as possible to a TV series in terms of the way the story is told, which consists of chapters that always end with an unexpected end. Here we will control the character of the writer Alan Wake, whose adventure begins with a strange dream. They are humans who have been struck by the power of darkness and you have to direct the flashlight on them to get rid of the power of darkness and then hit them with bullets to eliminate them. There is also a button to avoid and choosing the right time to avoid will help you a lot in confronting the enemies, especially when their number increases to save your energy and also have the opportunity to hit the enemies after their failed attack The gameplay is very simple and entertaining and may be somewhat flawed by repetition, both in terms of the designs of the enemies or in the same style that does not develop much as you advance in the game until its end.

Alan Wake Remastered
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You should always pay attention to the battery counter of the flashlight and also determine the places where the light is strong because the enemies cannot attack you here and also you can restore your energy here, as you advance in the game the power of the flashlight will increase and you will also find more options for various weapons, the style of play is very interesting In fact, the remastered version did not change anything here, everything was as it was in the original version, and there was no real need to change anything with reference to the strength of the original playing system in the game, the remastered version focused more on improving the graphics in the game, well the original version of the game is still beautiful today The present, but it was suffering from some minor problems, such as declining frame speed, etc. Here the problems were resolved, and the models of the characters were also improved during the game’s cinematic presentations, and certainly a higher display resolution was added to the current home device version.

The game’s acoustics are distinguished in terms of the voice acting of the characters as well as in terms of music. This game was very impressive on the technical level in the Xbox 360 generation and now it looks more beautiful than before, although it did not need many improvements. The game is very linear and has a very beautiful explanation of the events of the story and Its secrets and how Alan Wake tries to remember this novel in which he lives and where his wife disappeared and the secrets of this darkness that haunts him, the environments of the game are very beautiful, as well as the storytelling in it and its cinematic scenes, and it is one of the games that presented this matter very excellently.

The main adventure is not very long, what distinguishes the remaster package is that it offers with it the additional contents of the original game, namely “The Signal” and “The Writer”, which add great value to the content and longer hours of play. A network, which is a game dedicated to one player and presents itself in a very special way for fans of story games. Alan Wake is one of the very special action games experiences that deserve to be tried. It is very nice to have a remastered copy so that the largest number of players can play the game, especially in light of rumors about the possibility of We will get a second part of the game in the future, a very entertaining game with most of its elements from the gameplay system, story and graphics that were distinguished from the original game version and improved further with this new version.

Alan Wake Remastered review

Alan Wake Remastered has all the elements and ingredients of an exciting story, characterized by an innovative classic gameplay for its time that will not get tired of it yet, which frankly makes this experience better than some modern horror games.


  • Despite the primitiveness of the game engine, it showed beautiful graphics and details in its world.
  • The artificial intelligence of enemies when they attack you and surround you increases the intensity of terror in the atmosphere of the game confrontations.
  • The atmosphere of the game accompanied by psychological horror makes you subconsciously merge after 3 hours of playing the game.
  • Although it’s a linear game, it doesn’t give you that feeling that it’s going in one direction, but rather gives you a sense of freedom.
  • The way to fight enemies in the game is very innovative, and it has not been repeated since its first release.
  • Despite the fun of the story, it is not short, because it takes a maximum of 15 hours to finish it.
  • Thrilling music and matching horror atmosphere, where the confrontations begin.


  • You face some camera problems that sometimes hinder you in order to know where the enemies are behind you.
  • Ease of puzzles that you will find on the way of your adventure.
  • The details of the characters’ faces are very poor.
  • Sometimes feeling like you’re playing the original part in some places.

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