Halo Infinite (Phase Story)

Late for a year due to criticism of players to the level of game design, the Master Chief returns with his flights and adventures. This time is quite different from the previous parts, so they praised yourselves to try it as a reboot for the chain, but at the same time bring many distinctive memories for all lovers this world who began their journey with the first start in 2001. A semi-open world, playing Excellent, and a story with stunning watches. It’s an ideal Halo infinite experience.

The story of Halo Infinite is the largest in the history of the series

The Halo Infinite story events occur after Halo 5: Guardians by about 18 months. Our beloved hero is two main goals: The first is to know what happened to Cortana, the second is to stop the banished armies and prevent their control over the new Halo Ring Zeta Halo. As mentioned, Infinite is the largest experience in the history of the series and this is because they combine the design of the linear tasks, we are used in all the previous parts. In review).

Our Halo Infinite game offers a range of new distinctive characters. The brilliant actress Jen Taylor is the ideal Cortana sound dating back to the Weapon character and is an artificial intelligence that will replace Cortana during Infinite events. The main enemy here is Escharum and was at a time of teacher’s teacher for Atriox who led the banished armies in the game Halo Wars 2. We also have a 216 ECHO pilot which is living with the story with him and is more afraid in the universe literally.

Each character of new characters has its targets and motives on the new Zeta loop, and you will find yourself affected by many events and files throughout the game that can reach with you more than 15 hours if you decide to choose all the basic and normal tasks. If you decide to focus on the main story just, they offer you 14 important ones within 8-10 hours. This figure becomes the story of Halo Infinite is the largest in the history of the chain in terms of the number of play hours. We will not talk more about the details of Infinite because any other details we will mention you will burn you the story. But we just want to assure you that if you are a fan of the chain, you are in front of a fairy story that will make you except for every moment.

Although the story of Halo Infinite is a direct supplement to the events of Halo 5: Guardians, but you can experience Infinite’s experience as a trip to you in the world of Halo and will still be enjoyed without feeling not to understand the events. Studio 343 Industries could offer an excellent story that will love the lovers of the old series. At the same time, any new player will enjoy this world, and that is one of the most positive points we see in the game.

The semi-open world is adding revolutionary on the Halo series

The entire halo series was dependent on the written experience of its stories, but the studio 343 Industries decided to change this time and a semi-open world industry lets you explore the game Halo Infinite, and the world is already rewarded for this exploration. Let’s explain this at the beginning of the world: You can avoid any side missions on Zeta Halo and enjoy the story and finish them from the beginning. The game does not force you to explore the world or do any side task, but the events around you will make you move away from the track of the story and discover various secrets.

Do you remember the OUTPOSTS system located in a series like Far Cry? The same idea is here in Halo Infinite under Forward Operation Base. These fobs are areas designed by UNSC but they signed under the hand of the banished armies in the period spent on Zeta Halo. Your role as Master Chief comes here as you edit these areas and grab them for UNSC.

Grab the areas in the map will give you the following:

  • Luxurious premises will be determined by the banished and when their fight will get great bonuses
  • You will be able to call vehicles in these areas
  • You will be able to do quick travel to those areas from anywhere on the map making it more easily
  • Finally, those areas will serve as a combination of UNSC members (when rescue) and who will participate in the Master Chief on trips to eliminate the banished.

Explore your map will also reward you with SPARTAN CORES and you can use them to upgrade your equipment such as Grappleshot, Drop Wall and others.

The style of play makes you feel like master chief already

There is a very simple list of games (can be counted on one hand fingers) that made us feel stronger person in the universe. Halo Infinite offers you a distinctive style. For example: When you kill a large group of enemies quickly, you’ll find that some of them begin to scream and escape especially the grunts. The enemies have a sense of comic.

Halo Infinite weapons are strong and violent. The game is witnessing a large list of weapons that as long as the chain is famous, but also offers us a range of new weapons with a distinctive character. Heavy weapons such as M41 SPNKR and S7 Sniper Rifle can kill a large part of a single shot. There are also some weapons designed by Banished armies such as the Gravity Hammer and Energy Sword. Those quality is powered and has a specific bearing capacity and then will become useless. Heavy weapons and energy weapons are recommended by using the powerful enemies (Elite Banished) or during the face of the leaders who require you on a continuous movement.

Gear and vehicles

The game Halo Infinite offers you a wonderful range of gear that you use remarkably in battles. The Grappleshot makes you reduce the distance between you and enemies or help you escape. The Thruster makes you avoid strikes and bombs very quickly, the Drop Wall offers you a concrete wall against enemy strikes for a limited time, and of course the Threat Sensor which you can throw at a distance will be determined by enemies on the screen. The last equipment specifically has a very important goal in some confrontations especially with the presence of some enemies who disappear you from in front of you suddenly to give you around you and direct you a final blow.

Each gear we mentioned will be very primitive in the first play hours, but with you on SPARTAN CORES more will be able to upgrade their level and abilities to better serve you during your journey in Zeta Halo. We advise you to upgrade the Grappleshot to the highest level with some of the secrets that you cannot be accessed only after they upgraded!

Zeta Halo map is great and navigating from one area where it will be difficult for you if you decide to walk. Infinite offers you a wonderful collection of vehicles that you can drive and move them freely in the map. Vehicles have a key factor in the enemies of course, but the biggest need will be on the one hand navigation as the game has a set of tasks that ask you to travel distances. Of course, you can walk from an area to another if you want but it will take you a long time so we advise you to always use vehicles especially banshee aircraft. Get easy vehicles in the game. You can steal enemy compounds, or call vehicles from different forms of Forward operation Bases located on the map (after grabbing them under the hands of the enemies of course).

Enemies and artificial intelligence

When the trial version of the Iron Multiplayer style was exported, players surprised by the strong artificial intelligence of Bots where they were a threat to the same serious players. This applies to the story style because artificial intelligence for fairy enemies. So, on a difficult medium, you’ll find enemies you receive a nicely and will continue to be left behind to open for themselves an opportunity to eliminate you.

Halo Infinite offers a variety of enemies: some of them return from the previous parts, others are completely new to the world of Halo. The game also offers a range of boss fights against strong enemies. At the beginning of the story, you will think of relatively weak leaders, but with your progress in the game stages you will find that the leaders become stronger and believe when we tell you that you will receive them more than once.

Graphics, acoustics and performance

Graphics level

Of the points they had continuously negative views in Halo Infinite are the level of designs. When the game was first reviewed in mid-2020, players surprised that the level of the game design is weak and lacks details. This acute and continuous criticism make studio 343 Industries postpones the official launch of the game for a full year so taking enough time to improve the quality of the game from that area.

Passed a full year and already studio 343i make a stunning game. Everything in Infinite World is particularly designed and professional especially the level of textures on walls and floors. Weapons details, enemies design and major characters, all this has no single negative comment because there is nothing already negative. At first, we were afraid to go from the game to thought the world quasi-open will affect the quality and accuracy of graphics as the studio will not focus on the details as he focused in previous sin experiments, but we are happy to say we were quite mistaken.

Of the points we liked in Halo Infinite are that the majority of scenes are designed within the game engine. Most of the previous HALO games were dependent on the Pre Rended Cutscenes and this was a little out of mod play and exchanged the events of the story because we were feeling separated from the characters. That problem is not available in Infinite as the story is going on continuously and tied in the style of One Shot as it was GOD of War 2018.

Photographic music

From just standing on your home screen for the Halo Infinite story and you will feel that you recover past memories with HALO tone months in history. The soundtrack of the whole game was fantastic and reflects the details of each mission and every film scene in a distinctive manner. When you manage you in the open world, you will feel that it is around you because of the remote voices that differ with different time. Each weapon and each vehicle in the world of the game have strong and special voices of shotguns. Sometimes you will find yourself surrounded by tens of enemies and all they call you fire from each direction. At this moment you will be able to determine the weapons used by these enemies from just focusing on sounds.

All the talk about the design of acoustics in the game world can be applied to audio representation. The best Steve Downes and Jen Taylor returns to Master Chief and Cortana (but as mentioned at the beginning of the review, Jen Taylor is its primary role is the new artificial intelligence of The Weapon in most of the time you will be in Halo Infinite). Even new representatives such as Nicolas Roye, the audio performance of the PILOT, offers a wonderful listening experience and has strong feelings.

Technical Performance

In terms of technical performance, the game experience was on the Xbox Series S. The game offers you two ways to experience on Series S: the first is the quality style where you will get 30 frames per second with a higher accuracy (and do not recommend using this style at all), the second way is put the game is on the performance style that offers you 60 frames per second. Throughout the watches where we spent in the world of Zeta Halo, found the technical performance is excellent, but it is not perfect where we sometimes feel a simple cutting in big confrontations.

The game has a strange technical problem that some movements (Animations) are working on only 30 frames per second although we put the game on putting performance that is supposed to make everything it works on 60 frames. This matter will sometimes draw your attention sometimes but soon will be back on. We find it incompetent so we felt that there is a problem in the screen and we hope that problem will be resolved in a fast future update.

Halo Infinite Review

“After the absence of 6 years, the 343i studio returns to us a technical masterpiece and become a first person’s best perspective experience in 2021. Halo Infinite has developed a high standard for the first person’s perspective games like the DOOM ETERNAL last year, and I do not see it will fall from the top any time soon. Regardless of some simple technical problems, Halo Infinite can be considered as the optimal end for 2021 versions “

Halo Infinite rating

  • Story: 10
  • Open World: 9.5
  • Play style: 10
  • Graphics and Audio: 9.5
  • Technical Performance: 8.5


  • The best story since the game Halo 3
  • The idea of ​​the open world in Halo games is a distinctive addition
  • Diversity in gear uses
  • A legendary artificial intelligence will form great difficulties
  • Wonderful drawings have been greatly improved for the previous
  • Most of the game events are taken with one shot style
  • Audio representation is distinguished as usual with strong potential sounds for environments and weapons
  • Static technical performance most of the time


  • Some technical problems can be solved by future updates

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