Best Original, Particular And Curious Gaming Accessories

Here are some original and useful accessories to buy to play video games on PC or Console.

On the Internet we can find original and particular products related to the gaming world: instead of the usual accessories we can surprise friends by using curious and unique gaming accessories, so as to make our workstation truly recognizable even during live streaming.

In the following guide we will show you which are the best original, particular and curious gaming accessories, excellent for giving a personal touch to the gaming station or to gain an advantage while playing online multiplayer.

1. Mega USB Hubs

USB ports for gamers are never enough! If we have many gaming peripherals to connect (and professionals use wireless devices very little) we must immediately focus on a huge USB hub such as the WENTER HUB USB 3.0 Powered 11 in 1, a separately powered hub that offers 11 USB ports to connect to everything.

This hub must be connected to a USB 3.0 port on the PC and to a power socket: after making all the connections, we will be able to take advantage of 7 USB 3.0 ports (to which to connect gaming devices) and 4 USB ports for recharging personal devices (phones, tablets, cameras, etc.).

The hub offers a maximum transfer speed of 5Gbps (divided among the 7 data transfer-enabled ports) and provides illuminated switches to turn each USB port on and off.

2. SteelSeries QcK Prism

What’s better than a professional mouse pad? A huge professional mat like the SteelSeries QcK Prism, capable of holding both the mouse and the keyboard on its surface.

This curious mouse pad features vibrant 2-zone dynamic RGB lighting, light notification system, micro-textile designed for the most advanced gaming mice, optimized movements (for tracking even with low DPI and a non-slip rubber base for eliminate unwanted movements.

3. Razer Tartarus

The most original and curious mouse that we can use during our gaming sessions is certainly the Razer Tartarus.

This strange mouse has a built-in programmable mini keyboard, side quick-shooting keys and a very special shape that will certainly require a few days of adaptation to be fully exploited.

This mouse has a total of 32 programmable keys, a joy for those who often play online and want a significant advantage during challenges: we can thus completely ignore the use of the keyboard and get quick commands directly on the mouse.

4. Philips HuePlay

To create the right gaming atmosphere, we can rely on Philips Hue Play.

These smart lights can create a very eye-pleasing light effect (with adjustable intensity based on the external light and according to your personal settings), creating a very relaxing atmosphere for gaming in the dark or during the most intense sessions.

These lights can be adjusted via the dedicated app or via Alexa voice commands, but to unlock all the features (such as automatic light change based on the type of scene being played) we will have to use a Philips Hue Bridge.

5. Elgato Stream Deck XL

The secret of many Twitch streamers is the Elgato Stream Deck XL, a studio USB controller with fully programmable buttons to immediately perform certain actions related to the stream or game we have chosen to record.

With this controller we can speed up screen captures while streaming, immediately send commands to the recording system, change recording options on the fly and set up quick commands to be activated with a simple keystroke (through keyboard shortcut recordings and through Macro recording).

The potential is truly endless with the Stream Deck: we can customize every single key with a custom icon and assign functions to quickly access Windows settings, Twitch settings and settings for the game we’re playing.

6. Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog

Fans of military flight simulators will certainly appreciate the Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog as an original accessory.

This joystick looks very similar to the one found on military jets, has various programmable keys and also includes a separate console for controlling throttle and flaps, as well as various keys for specific functions of supersonic aircraft.

Among the accessories that can be integrated with this joystick we find the tail rudder pedal and the flight switch panel, all excellent accessories for recreating a very realistic flight experience.

7. USB Train Cab Controller Desktop Raildriver

The most particular and curious gaming accessory that we could find is undoubtedly the Raildriver desktop Train Cab controller USB, a controller designed to be able to drive trains inside the most modern railway simulators.

This accessory is intended for train simulator enthusiasts who want to faithfully recreate the cockpit of a high-speed train or a freight train: on this console we find the levers for the accelerator, the levers for the various braking systems and the buttons that can be used for certain train functions.

Included in the price we also find TS Train Simulator 2022, essential to be able to make the most of this accessory.


The ones we have shown you above are the best original and curious accessories that we can currently buy on Amazon. Many of these accessories are intended only for fans of a particular genre of games (plane simulators and train simulators) while the others can be purchased by anyone to make the gaming station unique and functional.

Do not forget, then, that for gamers, anti-blue light glasses and a chair to sit comfortably at the computer are also essential.

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