The Callisto Protocol, Tips To Get You Started

In this article we will give you some useful tips to start your adventure in The Callisto Protocol in the best possible way.

After a long wait, The Callisto Protocol is officially available on video game shelves: the action-tinged survival horror is able to offer a real challenge to players, promising to make them die over and over again because of its scary enemies, also guaranteeing animations decidedly gory.

Given the great similarity never really hidden with the first chapters of Dead Space, some players may be convinced that they are facing a sequel to the famous Electronic Arts house saga: however, the Striking Distance Studios title has some important differences and does not keep them in mind could lead to our premature death.

Before letting you discover the story of Jacob Lee, in this guide we have therefore thought of offering you some useful advice to start your adventure in the best possible way and prevent this eventuality as much as possible.

Always be careful during fights

As we anticipated at the beginning, The Callisto Protocol (you can find it on Amazon) can be really brutal because of its fights, which also turn out to be highly entertaining. Although the temptation to overdo it may be higher than usual, we strongly advise you to always pay close attention during battles.

You should try to end the fights as soon as possible, perhaps aiming at the enemies’ legs to have a tactical advantage, trying not to overuse your ammunition and taking as little damage as possible. Like any self-respecting survival horror, the amount of extra health and ammunition will in fact be very limited and it will be necessary to manage our resources in the best possible way.

In this regard, we advise you to make sure that the killed enemies never end up outside the game map: although this sometimes guarantees faster kills, this will prevent you from collecting the objects that you would have received as rewards, making your challenge slightly harder.

Always keep an eye on the inventory

At the beginning of the adventure, your inventory will have an extremely limited space: in fact, you will only be able to carry up to 6 objects at the same time and most of these cannot be grouped together at the same time. As a result, you’ll soon learn that inventory slots are more limited than you might imagine and that you can’t always carry everything you want with you.

Our advice is therefore to always make a local mind on what you consider to be the most important tools and not to be afraid to remove everything that may not be useful to you at that moment: to survive you will always need to be ready for any particularly dangerous.

Of course, this also applies to ammunition: try to keep only those that you deem strictly necessary for your adventure. However, we want to reassure you and point out that in the future you will be able to unlock more slots in the inventory, thus making it much easier to manage.

Pound each downed enemy

The resources to be able to heal your damage are extremely limited, but after each fight there is a very simple trick to at least partially recover your health. In fact, your protagonist will be able to give a stomp to each defeated monster, recovering some useful objects that will give you a hand.

Among the many tools it can often happen that some of them also give you healing gels, essential for recharging your health: the possibility of trampling on defeated enemies is a mechanic that will be explained to you in the preliminary stages of the game, therefore we strongly advise you to don’t ignore it and use it as much as possible.

Use stealth as much as possible

In The Callisto Protocol you will often encounter situations in which you could consider yourself overwhelmed by the large number of monsters in circulation, making our every move an incredible risk for the success of our mission. As fun as the fights can be, it’s not always a good idea to provoke fights and face them head on, but it is important to use a little cunning.

For this reason, our advice is to try to use the stealth mechanics as much as possible, at least in those areas of the game where you believe this can really give you an advantage: if you manage not to be detected by enemies, you can in fact perform even instant takedowns, thus saving precious resources and without taking damage.

Explore each area and path

Striking Distance Studios’ survival horror is not an open world, unlike many ambitious modern games: the adventure is therefore quite linear, even if for this reason it may be difficult to remember which areas have already been explored.

However, this does not mean that there is only and only a single road to go: in the game worlds you will find some secondary roads, usually full of useful objects and collectibles. Therefore, keep a constant eye on the area in which you are and try to explore everything possible, so as not to miss even a little secret.

Keep credits for upgrades

Continuing your adventure, you will have the opportunity to spend your hard-earned credits to buy useful items for your adventure: although the temptation may be particularly strong, we advise you not to use them for this purpose. In fact, you can always find ammunition and medical care during your regular gameplay, but if you want to survive the more difficult stages you will have to focus on one fundamental aspect.

These shops will allow you to improve your equipment as well, unlocking useful new abilities and making your weapons more powerful: undoubtedly the best possible way to spend your credits. We strongly advise not to spend all your credits immediately at the first opportunity, but to keep them properly for each single upgrade.

However, we would also like to advise you not to focus only on a single weapon: do your best to make your upgrades balanced across your entire inventory, since you will need all the help you can get to advance and face totally different enemies.

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