Best Video Cards By Price / Quality For 2022-2023

Prices for mid-range video cards start in the range of $1000 to $2600. Designed for gaming assemblies at maximum settings in 2K, 4K.

Sapphire Radeon RX 6600XT NITRO+

The RX 6600 XT model by Sapphire replenishes the rating of the best video cards. It has 8 GB of video memory, a 128-bit bus, and increased chip and memory frequencies. It has an active cooling subsystem in the form of two proprietary and quiet Sapphire fans. The fans are made according to a special technology, the area of their blades is curved, which enhances the airflow during blowing. Additionally, a powerful radiator with copper heat pipes and aluminum profile fins is installed. PCI-E 4.0 is supported for connectivity and maximum data transfer rates. For beauty, the manufacturer installed an LED backlight in the inscription on the top of the case.

To run the model, you will need an 8-pin connector and a 500W power supply. Power consumption at the peak fluctuates around 180 watts. The graphics accelerator board is protected from shock and dust by a powerful white backplate, which will be a good choice when creating “white” assemblies.

Sapphire Radeon RX 6700 XT 11306-02-20G

Massive gaming graphics card with 12 GB of video memory. The bus width is 192 bits, the memory and chip frequencies are 16000 MHz and 2622 MHz. The increased frequency of the chip determines the high performance of the graphics accelerator. The rear part of the board is covered with a massive backplate equipped with a backlight. The video card consumes 260 W, requires a powerful power supply from 650-750 W with a 6 + 8 pin auxiliary power configuration. It is also available to calibrate the operating mode of the device using proprietary software from AMD.

Due to its size (310 mm), the video card requires a large case, so before buying it, check if it will fit inside the case. Thanks to three DisplayPort ports and one HDMI, the user can connect not only VR headsets, but also TVs. Copper heat pipes with aluminum coating deserve special attention to increase heat dissipation and product life.

MSI GeForce RTX 3070 Ventus 3X OC 8GB

MSI once again bet on maximum performance, supplying their brainchild with overclocked GDDR6X memory, as a result of which its frequency was 14000 MHz, and the volume was 8 GB. Data transfer in a gaming video card is carried out using a 256-bit bus, which fully realizes the capabilities of the accelerator. The chip frequency was 1500-1755 MHz, which, coupled with the above parameters, made the video card a pre-top model that allows you to work in 8K resolution. To reduce the interest of miners, the manufacturer has equipped the card with Low Hash Rate technology to reduce mining efficiency. The graphics accelerator will require a 650-700W PSU and a 16-Pin for additional power. The product is equipped with a custom cooling system with three fans, graphene backplate and steel plates to protect against damage.

One of the best graphics cards in terms of user ratings and performance, the top model based on an AMD chip. Sapphire decided to go beyond the usual cooling systems by equipping its model with an extreme hybrid cooling system. It consists of an active fan and a water block connected to a liquid cooling system. This array causes low operating temperatures, at a peak no higher than 60 degrees. Such power was required to cool the modern Navi 21 XTX chip with a frequency of 2050 MHz. The memory size and frequency are 16 GB and 16000 MHz. However, the card’s powerful potential is somewhat limited by the 256-bit memory bus. The card requires a very powerful power supply from 850-900W and an additional 22-pin.

Palit GeForce RTX 3090

It is by far the most powerful gaming graphics card on the market in 2022-2023, but many gamers bypass it due to the cost. It has no equal in terms of features. GDDR6X memory (frequency 19500 MHz) with a capacity of 24 GB operates on a 384-bit bus, and the GPU operates at 1695 MHz. To ensure work with VR and in 8K resolution, 10496 stream processors are provided. The implementation of RT-technologies occurs due to 82 cores, providing the highest performance with the use of ray tracing today.

The manufacturer notes the maximum power consumption of 350 watts, in practice, all 370 watts will come out at peak load. To start, a power supply unit of 750 W or more is recommended, but we recommend taking from 900 W, just in case. To ensure the most efficient cooling, the manufacturer installed a three-section active cooling system and a thick radiator. To unload the radiator and improve blowing, Palit improved the backplate by cutting out cells on it to release excess heat.


The best video card of 2022-2023 from Gygabite with a 384-bit bus. Based on GDDR6X memory with a frequency of 19000 MHz. The overclocking of the chip operating in the range from 1365 to 1710 MHz deserves special attention. It is the increased frequency that distinguishes the card from its counterparts from Palit and ASUS, being on a par with MSI and outperforming it in terms of cost. The memory bandwidth reaches 912 Gbps. The power consumption is 350W and the power supply will need between 750-900W to provide a safe buffer in case of power surges. The advantage of the card was not only the quiet operation of the fans, but also the chokes.

The chip and the largest of the two battery packs are cooled by two 90mm fans. The area with ports and the second, smaller block of phases is cooled by an 80 mm fan due to less heat generation compared to the main computing block. Compared to AMD, it requires only 2 8-pin cables, making it easy to install and connect. The package includes a stand, which is used as a fixing element in the computer case.

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