Best Budget Video Cards 2022-2023

Video cards costing up to 879$. Designed for entry-level and mid-range gaming systems in Full HD 2K. Maximum models include support for entry-level ray tracing.

Palit GeForce GTX 1650 GP NE6165001BG1-1175A

Opens our top 15 best GTX 1650 video cards, this card can be found at a price of 381$. Compared to other models, it is distinguished by a balance in performance and functionality. There are 2 fans installed here, but the case itself is simple and has no frills. It is connected via standard PCI-E version 3.0 and requires additional power supply via a 6-pin connector. To start the card, you will need a 300 W power supply, as the manufacturer assures. In practice, it’s best to get at least a 450W PSU, taking into account the rest of the devices in the system. The video card is only 170 mm long, which will fit in almost any case. A modern 4 GB GDDR6 video memory with a 128-bit bus is installed on board. The memory frequency is 12000 MHz, and the video chip is 1410 MHz out of the box and 1590 MHz in overclocking mode.

PowerColor Radeon RX 6600XT

Another relatively inexpensive video card made by PowerColor. A characteristic feature of the video card was the blue illumination of the fans and a minimalist design. The radiator is made with a minimum distance between the plates, which is compensated by high-speed fans. The chip is manufactured using a 7 nm process technology. 8 GB of GDDR6 video memory operate on a 128-bit bus at a frequency of 14000 MHz, while the chip operates at 1605 MHz. Up to 4 monitors can be connected to it, the maximum reproducible resolution is 4096×2160 pixels. Due to AMD proprietary technologies, initial support for ray tracing is implemented. Connectivity to motherboards is provided through support for PCI-E 4.0, which increases the bandwidth of the video card and its performance. Despite technical innovations, the video card retained one of the shortcomings of its predecessors – increased power requirements. The card requires an 8-pin power connector and a 500 W power supply with a minimum margin of 15%.

Palit GeForce GTX 1660 Ti Dual

Another good video card, popular favorite, designed to replace the legendary GTX 1060. It has modern 6 GB GDDR6 memory, but the bus is not 128, but 192 bits, which increases the throughput of the card. The 12 nm chip is characterized by a good overclocking potential and low heat dissipation. In terms of memory frequency, although it is inferior to the RTX series, it surpasses many previous cards of the GTX series. With 1536 stream processors and 96 texture units, the card can drive up to 3 monitors at 8K resolution. The limitation to this is a small number of different ports – HDMI, Display Port DVI-D. Thus, the manufacturer tried to cover a larger number of monitors.

An additional advantage was the presence of three different ports for connecting monitors: HDMI, DVI-D and DisplayPort. There is support for VR helmets, the card itself occupies 2 slots and its length is 235 mm. For maximum performance, the video card is recommended to be used in resolutions up to 2K due to limited video memory and hardware capabilities.

MSI GeForce RTX 2060

A compact video card from MSI, which can often be snatched at a discount. Among the advantages of the model, we note its compactness, the card will take only two expansion slots. Requires only 8-pin additional power and a source of 500 or more watts. 30 RT cores provide the card with an entry-level performance when ray tracing technology is connected. A small video buffer size of 6 GB is compensated by the chip and memory frequencies of 1710 and 14000 MHz, as well as a 192-bit bus.

The video card does not support PCI-E 4.0, but uses the time-tested PCI-E 3.0. The well-thought-out design of the cooling system not only effectively cools the chips, but is also easily dismantled, allowing any user to service the card. A backplate is placed at the back, which performs both a protective function and the role of a passive radiator. The video card is devoid of backlighting in order to increase the efficiency of blowing and maintain a maximum operating temperature of 55-60 degrees, depending on the type of computer case.

Palit GeForce RTX 3060 Dual V1 LHR

Best low-cost graphics card 2022-2023. Two versions are available to choose from – stock, with a chip operating frequency of 1320 MHz, and overclocked from 1837 MHz. A distinctive feature of the RTX 3060 was the connection for PCI-E 4.0. The manufacturer decided to abandon DVI-D, supplying his brainchild with 3 DisplayPort and 1 HDMI. The increase in performance has resulted in an increase in stream processors to 3584 units compared to the RTX 2060, along with this, the card consumes 170 watts and requires 550-650 watts to run. The reduced number of RT cores compared to the previous series is also striking, there are 28 of them left, which did not prevent it from bypassing its predecessor in synthetic tests by 21% and in games by 2-3%.

Users note efficient cooling fans, minimalist design and lack of frills in appearance. As in other models of the middle / budget segment, there is front lighting here, only the letters on the serial name are highlighted. The body plate requires careful handling due to its small thickness. This results in a lower cost compared to competitors, increased demand among customers and more accurate use.

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