Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy Vii Reunion is an improved version of the PSP game released in 2007. Its events occur before the events of Fantasy Vii and with a character who mentioned in that game, its system is a quick action fight but in the crucible of a game that plays roles.

The story of Zack Fair, which has a brilliant success over Sony’s laptop in the past PSP returns with a new solution on modern devices and graduates from her old prison, Zack, that dreamer young man who works in the Soldier security system of the giant Shinra, Zack, which is very appreciated by Soldier myths, who dreams of dreaming to become a hero in turn. Crisis Core has always been one of the preferred players from the prestigious Final Fantasy series, so how did this improved version come? We are pleased to assure you from the beginning that it is great, and that Square Enix made a strenuous effort.

The game’s story precedes the original Final Fantsy 7 story and is suitable as a wonderful background for the world and the characters for those who wish to have the Final Fantasy Vii Remake experience as well as the next release and deepen its understanding of them. As we mentioned above, the game highlights the Zack Fair soldier of the second rank in Shinra, who seeks to achieve his dreams in the championship, firmly, with legends from the first rank of Soldier, his dreams that receive a lot of painful stab wounds. The story is still dramatic as we have entrusted it and still retains its full charm and luster, even after all these years, and it is one of the nearest Fenel Fantissi games to the hearts and the most impact and effective, and we challenge to prevent yourselves from shedding some tears. We will leave you discover the details of the epic that raises the concepts of love, loyalty, betrayal, principles and sacrifice in unparalleled human drama.

“If you want to be a hero, Zach – you must have dreams and dignity”

Square Enix has made many modifications that make us see this version of the game as Remake in reality and not just Remaster. The drawings have improved in a huge way that is difficult to realize that this originally PSP game, the environment has become detailed and accurate with great improvements to graphic origins, although it looks rigid and not interactive, but it is better with a vast difference from the original game. Personal models were returned from scratch and they look very good and if you are the best technically design in the original game as an artistic pill. The designs are not at the level of the Final Fansi 7 Remik, of course, but they will not disappoint the players and it is much better than the Rimaster that has been obtained by another PSP game for home appliances (Final Fantsy Type-Zero). This version also works at 60 frames as well, while the lucky ones who will play it on a PC will be able to run 120 frames.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy Vii Reunion Rating


  • The designs, especially the world, have improved significantly, whether lighting or details in the surfaces, and it has become competing with some new publisher games, and this may be the simplicity of the original game world. The characters also improved, albeit less, and the drawings in general are not an obstacle to enjoying the game despite their age.
  • The improvements also affected the lists that have become similar to Primic Final Fantsy 7, as well as load faster and less frequently in the game world as well as the ability to run and better control of the camera. Required improvements make experience smoother.
  • Fighting has become faster with a better sequence between movements and the unilateral of magic and capabilities, through shortcuts instead of a list. There is also a new movement inspired by Remik Final Fantsy 7 and all of these elements make fighting enthusiastic and contemporary.
  • The fighting system is fun, as there are sword strikes, avoiding and blocking, as well as capabilities and magicians. It is a fight with the nature of reincarnation in terms of the fact that the accessories, magic and capabilities you choose to change a lot and need to choose the occasion for every fight, but there is no waiting or roles. The fact that the fighting is fast makes it even with repetition.
  • The music is great and it is from the same composer The World Ends with You and the same is a great reason to enjoy the game, some of which are based on the seventh music and many of them are new, and for this release some of the pieces have been updated slightly.
  • Zac character is a positive and fun character, even as she is shocking and stands out more surrounded by crazy. There are also characters, events and regions of Final Fantsy 7, which makes the game attractive to those who want to see more of them like getting more to Shinra.
  • There are many characteristics, whether it is previously or added to this version that makes the game a comfortable experience, the download is fast and the purchase of tools is made from the list and when defeat you can repeat the fighting itself with the ability to adjust your equipment as, and after each fight you can fill with the click of one button.
  • As the Final Fantsy game, there are many secrets, whether areas or leaders and even regions, in addition to mini games and how huge of the side tasks that you need to play if you want to get the best equipment.


  • This is an old laptop, so the world is somewhat simple with the division of the world into small parts, and the movement of simple characters except for the recorded cinematic scenes, which in turn lacks accuracy as it is only improved by the original.
  • The story, except for a simple part, is independent of the seventh part and does not affect it, and it is frankly not a good story, even if you are not without some funny “hedge”.
  • It is worth to be mentioned
  • There is a phase of difficulty from the beginning and I found the most appropriate appropriate while the easiest to lose the game is any challenge so I recommend the most difficult.
  • A random fighting, such as games that play many roles from that era, but its repetition varies from a region to the area and the fighting is fast and sometimes it does not take seconds slightly relieves the inconvenience of its repetition.
  • You cannot return to previous chapters, but after finishing the game, you can be returned while keeping your level, skills and other things New Game+
  • During the fighting, there is a DMW system, which is 3 numbers that change randomly and give you advantages during the fighting and even raising your personality level, but it depends on your game and experiences, not completely random

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