Diablo IV And Our Post-Test Impressions

Diablo IV has been in a state of extreme secrecy since it was revealed at the Blizzcon event in 2019, so until now we don’t know much about the game except for some very limited propaganda that comes out to us every once in a while.

Our experience of the game Diablo IV was not just a small glimpse for several hours, but it was an excellent opportunity to dive into the game for hours over several days, during these days we tried the first chapter of the game with more than one character and stood on a lot of important impressions that we will talk about today.

But before we start talking, it must be emphasized that this experience, even if it was for several days, covered the first chapter of the game more or less, and it cannot be considered a review of the game. What we tried is a very preliminary version of the game, so it is just impressions about a long-awaited game. Much.

Diablo IV sticks to its legacy

The first thing you’ll notice when playing Diablo IV is that the game is very sticky to its theme, you don’t feel much attempts from the developer to change the skin of the series unlike a lot of game series that come up with ideas in every part that might completely change the game experience.

Don’t get us wrong here, this stick is really good, in the end we want to play Diablo in the way it’s famous, we don’t want Diablo games with a new camera perspective, or a different combat system.

The strange thing is that when you continue to play, you will discover many new additions to the game compared to the previous parts of the game, and here lies the genius of the change because the change did not affect the essence of the game and its legacy, and at the same time it was an enjoyable and necessary change in many respects.

The world of Diablo IV is devastated and sad, but it deserves a chance

The events of the game revolve around the return of Lilith from her stability and now she is trying to spread blood in the world, but Lilith does not kill everyone, as she is not a typical villain, but rather a villain with a point of view, so you find many follow her in her quest and many see her words as a point of view.

Due to the return of Lilith, the demons begin to rise again, in addition to the presence of many dangerous creatures and monsters, which makes the game world very cruel and destructive.

Even the design of cities appears to be exhausted and suffering, and when you go out into the wilderness you will find many dead bodies in horrible ways that indicate the suffering of people in this period, for example here those who froze in the snow while fleeing from the horror that exists everywhere, or there are those who died of starvation after being imprisoned himself inside a cave.

As for the people inside the cities, their features show misery, suffering, and even madness at times, unlike the previous parts of the game, where there was no great interest in this detail.

All these things make the world broken, cruel and sad, but there is a hair that makes it coherent, a small hair of hope that makes you keep playing and trying to save this world, there are successes from time to time, and these successes give hope in this world and make you as a player feel strong and that this world deserves a chance.

As usual yet we don’t know the hero’s story

The past parts of the Diablo game used to take you and throw you directly into the story, and the same thing is repeated with Diablo IV. When the game started, we learned that Lilith has returned again and appeared, then you appear and storm the character directly and seek to thwart Lilith’s plan, and here the game gives a justification for your choice, but it is justified A feeble reason, but we don’t want to burn it on you.

Throughout the period that we tried the game, the story did not address the hero in any way and did not answer any question, why this character in particular and what is his past, but we do not know if the story will cover these aspects in the future.

Now you might think that we’re a new player to Diablo because of this theme of the game, but we get it and we wish the game would change a bit at this point and introduce a story that revolves around the hero.

Many games now make the story revolve around the hero and give it a name suitable for both sexes, and the game still retains all the elements of team play. As for the name, the character can have a name in the story and his nickname that the player chooses.

There are many solutions in fact, and we do not think that there is a problem with the matter, but the developer decided to stick to the same theme. There is evil or destruction that appeared in the world and you are fighting it. The story is fun and beautiful thanks to the impressive writing, performance and graphics, but not thanks to its idea.

The combat in Diablo IV is addictive

The fighting style remains the hallmark of this series, this type of game does not pay much attention to the fighting style and does not put much craft in it and pays more attention to the form of the strikes being exciting and powerful.

But Diablo in general and the new part in particular breaks this rule. Fighting in the game is addictive in the literal sense. Every skill you use has an important role and appropriate timing, even the method of directing regular strikes is very important.

What helps to increase the fun of the great variety of enemies and their wonderful artificial intelligence, almost every enemy has a distinct fighting method and some of them have skills that can be used, some of them can freeze you or some of them can drop you to the ground, and of course all these elements made the enemies an excellent and fun challenge.

Distinctive world and extensive mission system

One of the most prominent modifications in this part is related to the mission system, because the game comes with a great mission system that gives the player complete freedom to roam and choose the way to finish the mission.

Of course, in order to finish the story, you will go through certain missions, but the way you deal with these missions determines your story in the game. Even the order of doing these missions gives the player a measure of freedom, so he can walk a certain path and then return to another path and complete his missions.

The important thing is that the story is not completely covered by the main missions, but is covered more and more completely by the side missions and priority missions in the game, which makes all the missions of the game of great importance.

Here the game is out of the ordinary again compared to other games of this type, because this type of game provides tons of side missions whose purpose is to obtain experience points and prizes, nothing more, but here the matter is different.

You can use horses in Diablo IV

When you reach the 15th level, you will perform a task, and after that you will be able to ride a horse in the game, which is excellent, because you sometimes travel long distances within the game, and as we know, the game map is not devoid of enemies, and no matter how much you kill them, they will return again, which makes horses a great means of transportation.

Until now, we do not know much about the horses in the game and whether there is a deep modification system or not, but in any case, when the game is released, we will know these details more, especially since during the press interview, modifications to the horses in the game were mentioned, but we did not address the size and importance of these modifications.

What about design?

The version that we tried of the game is an initial version that has not yet obtained the required refinement, so it is not possible to determine the quality of the graphics through it, but despite that, the game provided us with very many wonderful details.

We loved the size of the details in the game world, and as for the fighting movements, they are wonderful and you feel the power with them, as well as the design of the enemies is more than wonderful and has a lot of details.

As for the cinematic scenes, who does not like the scenes of the Diablo game, the cinematic scenes in the game, in our opinion, are among the best scenes in games in general in terms of directing, idea and performance.

We had a chance to ask the developers important questions!

What we mentioned was our own experience of the game, but we still have the press interview with the game developers, where more details were revealed through a set of questions, we will mention the most prominent of them now.

Play from any platform

Diablo IV introduces a large number of new technologies to the series, as it supports cross-play, especially since the game is coming to PC, Xbox and PlayStation.

It was also revealed that the game supports the feature of joint progression, that is, the game saves your progress on your account regardless of the platform on which you play, today you can play the game on your personal computer and tomorrow lie on the couch and play the game from the PlayStation with the same account and the same character.

A big surprise will be revealed at The Game Awards!

During The Game Awards event, a big surprise related to Diablo IV will be revealed, but no information about this surprise was hinted at.

Players get together

Diablo IV tries to offer a more straightforward multiplayer experience compared to the previous parts; the game’s cities are social areas where players can see each other there.

As for outside the cities, the matter becomes much less because the developer does not want to turn the map into players who kill monsters everywhere, and despite this there are some situations in which players meet, such as fighting the World Boss or participating in combat activities within the game and of course playing the PVP.

The most important game innovations

When asked about the most important innovations in the game compared to the second and third parts, the response was the ability to change the level of difficulty at any time in the game, as there is a giant statue in the middle of the city and you can use this statue to change the level of difficulty and unlock levels that need professional players.

Also, the way to deal with and obtain loot has been greatly developed, so that the player can build the character the way he wants to play and completely freely.

Will the game support any micro payments?

So far, as confirmed by the developers, Diablo IV will not support any micro-payments within it.

Let’s play the missions however we like

The game includes a number of chapters, and these chapters cover the missions of the story, but with the open world in the game and the freedom given to players, some questioned the possibility of playing these chapters completely freely and choosing their order.

You can embark on the missions as you like, but in each chapter, because the chapters cover parts of the story in general and its cinematic scenes, but you can, for example, choose your path in the first chapter however you want until you reach the second chapter and so on.

Side missions

We mentioned above that the side missions give us a continuation of the story and increase the information we have, and also the side missions have another very important role, as these missions provide some upgrades and updates to many elements of the game such as developing health drugs, developing blacksmithing, or even developing the horse and others.

The nice thing is that each character in the game has its own gameplay and mechanics, so the effects of side quests will vary depending on the character you’re playing as.

Well, these were the most prominent questions that were presented during the health meeting, and unfortunately the release date of the game was not revealed, but remember that we are waiting for a big surprise about the game during The Game Awards event, so who knows the surprise may be the disclosure of the release date of the game.

Summary of experience

Although the experience did not provide us with the full game and the copy was very limited, it is clear that the years of waiting have paid off. The game is likely to offer fun elements and a gaming experience that takes you for very long hours of pleasure.

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