Logitech Astro A30 Wireless Headset

You can use any earphone to listen to a specific song or game, but in order to do it for long hours without feeling tired or tired, here comes the challenge where you must choose the headset very carefully, fortunately, the Logitech Astro A30 headset has reached the market and you may be able to Solve this equation.

The Logitech Astro A30 headset is one of the most anticipated headsets from Logitech, as it is considered the important update that millions of fans of the company’s products have been waiting for many of the headsets currently on the market.

As for the Astro A30 headset, it is a wireless headset that comes with a unique design that makes you feel that you are in front of the expected headset, but this headset has a lot of good things that make you depend on it more than the look.

Design and shape

The headset comes wireless, but it has a 3.5mm input so that it can be used wired at any time you want, and it comes in white and blue colors.

What is really distinctive about this headset is the design of its ear cups, as it is made of excellent, high-quality materials, and is able to contain the ear for several hours.

After many hours of use between listening to songs at different volume levels and listening to the sounds of shooting games and MMOs for many hours straight, we found that the headset was very comfortable and did not feel tired after all these hours.

We did not feel any heat in the ear after hours of use, and the weight of the earphone itself was very acceptable on the head, which makes it the best choice for continuous daily use for very long hours.

On the body of the speaker there is a set of buttons that help you use it better, such as a button to automatically mute the volume, the power button of course, the Bluetooth button, and a special button to raise or lower the volume or change the currently playing audio tracks.

In general, the materials of the speaker are very good, durable and flexible at the same time, many of the speakers can be rolled up so that you can place them casually but always feel that they will break during opening, while the Logitech A30 feels sturdy and flexible at the same time, and that you are able to open them or wrap the speakers easily complete.

Logitech Astro A30 battery

As we mentioned, the Astro A30 is a wireless headset, so the battery is a very important place when evaluating the headset, and according to the company, the headset can work for a full 27 hours using a full charge.

But when we tried the speaker, we found that it can work for a period of more than 40 full hours using a full charge, and in general, during normal daily use, you will find that the speaker needs one charge every week or approximately every 5 days.

Of course, these numbers are excellent and give us very long hours of use on a single charge compared to the size of the speaker and its great sound capabilities.

Logitech Astro A30 headset for multiple platforms

The headset comes to the market to serve many platforms and devices. It can be used on mobile phones, personal computers, PS platforms and Xbox platforms, but here it is a small obstacle.

If you bought an Xbox copy, for example, and want to use it on PS platforms, you must use a special receiver, and this receiver is generally responsible for connecting the headset to the PC, and vice versa, if you bought a PS copy, you will need the same receiver to use it on PS platforms.

In the future there is a small button responsible for switching between the PC and the other platform, which was a little strange because the headphone box did not mention any information about this button and there is no adapter catalog and it took some time until we noticed the button and figured it out.

Connect to 3 devices at the same time

The headset contains many communication systems such as Bluetooth, 3.5mm input and Logitech’s LIGHTSPEED 2.4 GH. Fortunately, you can use these three means to connect to different platforms, each platform separately and at the same time.

This means that you can play on the PlayStation platform, for example, and talk to your colleagues via Discord on the mobile phone, and the matter here seems like a dream for content makers, specifically streamers who use more than one platform at the same time, so this headset was made for you.

What about the sound, it is the most important?

In the end, the sound remains the most important criterion in determining the quality of the headphone. In fact, the headphone was able to provide a very wonderful sound and excellent bass levels that appeared clearly when playing shooting games such as Call of Duty. Also, the excellent stereo isolation in the headphone made us feel the very light footsteps of the players. And find out and determine its direction easily.

The sound experience on the headphone reminded us of gaming headphones, so we feel that it mainly serves games and their requirements, and at the same time, the headphone offers a fairly good performance when listening to most different types of music.

But the very high bass may reach the point of annoyance in some songs that originally have a strong bass because the headset most likely raises the bass automatically originally, so the sound in the Astro A30 headset tends more to service games professionally and provides a very good experience. In other songs and audios, but they are not professional.


The speaker contains a fixed microphone inside and another removable external microphone, and you will find its entrance as well as the 3.5mm input for the speaker wire.

The microphone performs very well while speaking through various programs such as Discord with a distinct noise isolation in the room, almost any loud sounds in the room the microphone isolates and focuses on the player’s voice only.

This gives an excellent microphone that provides a clear and pure sound during conversations, but if you want to record a very pure sound with this microphone, then a problem arises as the microphone picks up breath sounds somewhat annoyingly, which makes the microphone in the Astro A30 tend to serve gamers as well and provides an average experience for the rest. The uses are good but not professional.


The Logitech Astro A30 headset is an excellent heavy-duty gaming headset. You can use it while gaming for hours and hours without feeling any fatigue, and here lies the strength of this headset, but this is not the only thing that distinguishes the headset.

The headphone is capable of providing a largely good experience in the rest of the daily uses, which makes it a headphone almost everywhere, you can use it while working on the computer, during the game on the PlayStation, or even listening to songs while walking around the street, and this is due to the functions that it performs and its distinctive size. And rest it on the head.

At the same time, the headset fails to provide a professional experience in terms of some other aspects, such as professional listening to audio or recording sounds without any ambient effects. Here, the speaker problem appears, as it is a headset intended for daily life uses and you can take it with you almost anywhere, but it is not professional.

We must also not forget the features in this headset such as battery life, and the biggest feature that enables the user to connect the headset with 3 devices at the same time, each device separately, which makes it an excellent headset for many people, especially streamers.

However, the price remains an obstacle for some, and at the same time, if you are able to buy the headset and the budget allows, it will be an excellent addition to the rest of the technical accessories that you use daily.

Hawke Centre evaluation

  • Material quality: 9
  • Additional features: 8.5
  • Design: 8.5
  • Price: 7
  • Sound quality: 8


  • The headset is very comfortable on the head
  • It can be connected to more than one platform at the same time
  • The battery lasts for a long time
  • You don’t need plug and play complications


  • The price is a little high

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