Simple Tricks Every Mac Owner Should Know

Simple Tricks Every Mac Owner Should Know

Compared to the early days of computers, we can do so much more now. Even simple things were not possible in the earliest incarnations of personal computers. The same is true with the ever-popular Mac from Apple.

Even if you think that you know all the ins and outs when it comes to your Mac, there are things you are probably missing. Check out some of the simplest tips and tricks to know about your Mac.

How to Delete a Screenshot

It might not sound like a difficult thing, but there are some users who are totally stumped when it comes to knowing how to delete a screenshot on a Mac. Not every aspect of technology has to be this big, complicated endeavor and this is one of those things.

To begin, start by pressing Command + Delete in order to move the selected screenshot into the trash. If you don’t want to move it, you can also press Option + Command + Delete to take that screenshot and delete it entirely. Finally, you can also just right-click on it and select “move to trash.” It isn’t complicated but there are plenty of ways to get rid of those screenshots.

Autofill Words

If you find that you write up notes or emails – or write for a living – then having related tools can be quite handy. What you might not have known is that a simple Mac trick involves being able to fill in predetermined words based on the letters that you have already typed in. It might not be perfect but it can definitely be helpful.

Before you start typing in a note or word app, click F5 on your keyboard (or FN + F5). This will make it so that when you start to type, the letters you have typed so far will start to generate words. There will be a short list of words to choose from and you can simply pick the one you want then keep writing. It’s simple and can wind up coming in handy far more often than you realize.

Do Quick Calculations

Need to do a bit of quick math but don’t want to go through the process of opening up the calculator? Even then, calculator apps aren’t the most intuitive, so it can be a bit frustrating to use one. Thankfully, there is another solution available that is both quick and easy.

Use the Spotlight Search instead. Press Command + Space bar to open up the Search. Then, just put in your calculation. It will instantly provide an answer, faster than anything else. It is a quick, simple trick that can come in handy if you are using your calculator function more than a handful of times in a given period of time.

Force Quit

Applications get jammed up all the time. They lag or stop working, which can definitely be frustrating. From time to time, you need to force that frozen app to close and start it all again. Thankfully, that can be done with a few short steps.

Hit Command + Option + Escape to open the “force quit” window. You will be shown a list of open applications and can force any or all of them to quit. Choose the one that is giving you the most problems and force it to stop. Most of the time, that should be enough to get the application in question working properly again. If it turns out to be something more, then you may have to do a bit of digging to find out what’s going on.

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