How To Choose A Good Stream Microphone?

Streaming isn’t the easiest thing to do, so we’ve put together a few selection tips that can help you with your purchase:

  1. Directionality of signal recording. The cardioid pickup system is considered optimal, which picks up sound only in a certain area around the microphone. In it, the main emphasis is on increasing the sensitivity in front of you and its further decrease when moving away from the microphone. It will be useful if the streamer does not live alone or has a computer with noisy fans;
  2. The balance between sound level and loudness is easier to find with the monitoring function of recorded signals. With it, you can fine-tune the focus on yourself by muffling the sounds of games.
  3. Fast on/off. It is implemented using touch panels. This is convenient, because you do not need to look for a button when you need to abruptly turn off the sound;
  4. It’s best to work with USB microphones, since computers are more willing to process digital signals, and 3.5mm ports only transmit analog. However, 3.5mm counterparts are cheaper and generally more reliable. The choice is yours.
  5. Dynamic or condenser microphones? The latter have high recording detail and sensitivity. For their correct operation, it is desirable to have a sound card with 48 Volt phantom power. Also, they are not demanding on the level of amplification and detail the human voice well, exposing flaws in the form of hissing and whistling sounds. Dynamic microphones are characterized by opposite requirements and have a limited sensitivity radius.

What is the best stream microphone to buy in 2022?

Having presented the best microphones for streaming and describing the features of the choice of models, we want to note that the final choice will always remain with the buyer. From ourselves, according to tradition, we will indicate some of the most interesting, in our opinion, solutions:

  • The optimal microphone for beginners is HyperX SoloCast USB Type-C;
  • Good value for money – RODE NT-USB Mini USB Type-C;
  • The best microphone for real streamers and letsplayers is Shure SM7B.

Our expert’s answers to popular questions

Which is better – a separate microphone or a built-in headset?

Professional letsplayers and streamers choose individual microphones for a number of reasons. The first of these is reliability. Microphones built into headsets quickly break down and do not have circuitry with the necessary processing quality when recording.

What is desirable to have in addition to the microphone?

In addition to an additional sound card, some people buy a so-called preamplifier or activator. This is a small device with XLR connectors that connects between a sound card and a microphone. Provides up to 25 dB of gain and requires phantom power. Or you can go the alternative route and install an audio recorder.

What are the optional accessories?

A stand or pantograph is used to mount the microphone in front of you. Which mounting option to use is up to the user, a lot depends on personal preferences and convenience. Professionals use the pantograph to better place the microphone in relation to the mouth and change its position without much effort.

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