The Renaissance of Cider – Why 2024 is the Year of the Apple

A unique phenomenon is unfolding in the world of beverages – the renaissance of cider. Often overshadowed by its grape-based counterpart, wine, cider is making a remarkable comeback, reclaiming its position as a beloved beverage of choice for people worldwide. And at the heart of this revival lies the humble apple, turning 2024 into the Year of the Apple in the world of alcoholic beverages. 

Rediscovering the Allure of Tradition

In a world that is becoming increasingly fast-paced and digitised, there is an inherent desire among consumers to reconnect with tradition and authenticity. Cider taps into this longing for age-old practices with its roots dating back to ancient times. 

The craft of turning apples into tantalising elixirs has been passed down through generations, and people are now yearning to savour the flavours of the past. Artisanal cider makers, small-batch productions, and time-honoured methods all contribute to the cider renaissance, reminding consumers of the beauty found in simplicity.

In today’s modern world, where mass-produced and homogenised products dominate the market, artisanal cider makers shine a light on the rich cultural history of cider-making. By respecting and preserving traditional techniques, they not only create a unique and authentic experience for consumers but also celebrate the rich heritage of cider as a beverage that has stood the test of time.

Embracing Diversity and Innovation

While traditional cider-making techniques are cherished, the cider renaissance has also embraced innovation, developing diverse flavours and styles. 

Apple varieties once overlooked are now celebrated for their unique taste profiles, and creative blends are being concocted to satisfy a wide range of palates. From dry and crisp ciders to sweet and tangy ones, the spectrum of options caters to every discerning taste bud. Craft cider makers are exploring different apple varieties, each imparting distinct flavours and characteristics to the final product. 

The resurgence of heirloom apple varieties, such as the Baldwin, Newtown Pippin, and Northern Spy, has sparked interest in cider enthusiasts and revived these forgotten apple varieties, contributing to agricultural diversity and sustainability.

Experimentation with ageing in barrels and blending with other fruits has pushed the boundaries of cider-making, attracting curious enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike. For example, oak-aged ciders are gaining popularity, imparting complex flavours and aromas reminiscent of fine wines and spirits. These innovative practices breathe new life into cider, positioning it as an exciting and dynamic beverage choice.

A Healthier Alternative

With consumers becoming increasingly health-conscious, cider is a refreshing alternative to other alcoholic beverages. Made from natural apple juice, it contains no additives, preservatives, or artificial flavours. Many craft cider makers also opt for organic and biodynamic practices, ensuring their products are free from harmful chemicals.

In contrast to some alcoholic beverages, which might cause allergic reactions or intolerance due to gluten or sulphites, cider is naturally gluten-free and low in sulphites. This makes it a suitable option for individuals with dietary restrictions or sensitivities.

Additionally, cider boasts a lower alcohol content than most wines and spirits, making it a more moderate choice for those who wish to enjoy an alcoholic drink in moderation. The lower alcohol by volume (ABV) not only aligns with responsible drinking guidelines but also allows consumers to savour the flavours of cider without being overwhelmed by its alcoholic potency.

A Sustainable Beverage

Beyond its health benefits, cider’s renaissance can also be attributed to its eco-friendliness. As the demand for cider increases, more attention is paid to responsible farming practices. 

Sustainable orchard management, waste reduction, and water conservation initiatives are central tenets of the cider-making process, appealing to consumers who prioritise supporting environmentally conscious products.

Many craft cider makers are implementing eco-friendly practices throughout their production cycles. They employ integrated pest management techniques to minimise harmful pesticides, recycle and repurpose waste from cider-making, and adopt renewable energy sources to power their operations. 

Consumers indirectly support environmentally responsible practices by choosing cider, making it a drink of choice for the conscious consumer.

Aesthetic Appeal and Instagram-Friendly Culture

Aesthetics play a significant role in the popularity of food and beverages. Cider, with its golden hues and effervescent bubbles, possesses a visual charm that is highly appealing, especially to younger generations. 

The rise of “Instagrammable” culture has made cider an ideal subject for social media sharing, driving its popularity further and amplifying its reach to a global audience.

Cider’s visually appealing qualities make it the perfect drink to capture in photos and videos, creating a delightful and shareable experience for consumers. 

As a result, cider has gained momentum in social media platforms, increasing its visibility and attracting new enthusiasts eager to experience its beauty in taste and appearance.

Food Pairing and Culinary Collaboration

Cider’s versatility has not gone unnoticed by the culinary world. Chefs and food enthusiasts are increasingly exploring cider as an ideal pairing with various dishes. Its diverse flavours complement cuisines from different regions, making it a versatile companion to gourmet experiences.

Cider’s wide flavour spectrum, from bone-dry to lusciously sweet, offers ample pairing opportunities with various foods. For example, with their crisp and refreshing notes, dry ciders pair exceptionally well with light salads, seafood, and poultry. In contrast, sweeter ciders enhance the flavours of spicy dishes, cheeses, and desserts.

The resurgence of cider in the culinary scene has created exciting collaborations between cider makers and chefs. Cider-themed dinners, where each course is carefully paired with a specific cider, have become a popular gastronomic experience. These collaborations not only elevate the perception of cider but also create unique and memorable dining experiences for consumers.

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